Gov. DeSantis delivers State of State: ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’ (includes video story)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ends his State of the State address with, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” In the speech, he emphasized his stance on culture-war issues such as diversity in schools, trans rights and undocumented immigrants.

The governor expressed his desire to repeal a 2014 law that granted DREAMers the opportunity for in-state tuition. A group of South Florida students and advocates were present in Tallahassee to share their stories with legislators and explain how repealing the law would impact the state.

According to advocate Gaby Pacheco, repealing in-state tuition would be “detrimental to the values and what we want for the state of Florida.”

Aquiles Barreto is a Junior Majoring in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications, with a concentration in broadcasting. He has a passion for all types of visual media, whether it be film, television, or news. In the future he hopes to be a video editor for major productions.