Dozens gather at Miami courthouse to honor Roe v. Wade anniversary (includes video story)

Protestors took to the streets of downtown Miami with their voices loud and clear to demand abortion access and healthcare for all women.

The court decision that protected access to abortion rights was overturned seven months ago.

“My daughter is going to have to fight for this,” said Jessica Soto, a social worker. “Other people are going to have to fight for something that should be fundamental to human rights.”

Women from different generations showed up in green with signs.

“I was out here fighting for Roe in the 1970s. And here I am today, second-wave feminist, still on the struggle,” said Marilyn Markus-Lieberman, a protestor.

Layan Abu Tarboush is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in international relations. She is an international student from Jordan interested in reporting on middle eastern politics and affairs. She also likes singing, writing and watching movies.