Live: Florida 2022 midterm elections and more

Photo via Unsplash by PartTime Portraits.

The South Florida Media Network’s reporters are located across South Florida and Washington, D.C., to speak with voters and follow candidate events. Follow along to read updates on the state’s races and results throughout the night.

    Nicole Ardila is a digital broadcasting major at FIU, also pursuing a minor in psychology. She's currently an NBCU Academy fellow and the Opinion Director for PantherNOW, where she's mainly written about mental health and social issues. In the future, she hopes to become a photojournalist to share stories from across the world.
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    Natalie La Roche is a senior double majoring in journalism and English. Her love for writing has taught her the power of words in inspiring change, whether personal or global. She loves poetry and wishes to write in journalism and poetry in her future career.