Feeding South Florida helping many impacted by rising inflation

Feeding South Florida is the largest, most efficient food bank in our area and it has been distributing food for decades. Given the continuous rise in inflation, more people are depending on it for groceries. The demand is so high that the food bank is struggling to keep up with supply.

“With the price of everything going up, you got rent going up, you got gas going up, you got food going up and everything,” said Eugene Berry, commissioner for Florida City and a loyal volunteer at Feeding South Florida. “So every little bit they get can help.”

Due to inflation, the average American is now spending nearly $500 more per month, including $78 more on food. This means that the demand for food distribution centers is increasing and additional funding is necessary. As a matter of fact, 60% of lower-income households said grocery prices were a significant problem.

“The prices are too high and the economy does not give us enough to support ourselves,” said one woman who was picking up groceries at the food bank drive-through. “We are people with disadvantages. The economy is broken.”

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