Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Alexa Velez

Alexa Velez is a senior at FIU majoring in broadcast media with a concentration in English. She has written for PantherNOW and SFMN and is a recipient of the NBCU Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarship. She completed her first internship on a national radio station, SLAM! Radio on Sirius XM 145, during the summer. She aims to network with others within the field and continue gaining experience in an effort to grow professionally and perfect her craft as a journalist.

“Tipflation” on the rise (includes video story)

In America, the suggested gratuity is consistently increasing on receipts and payment terminals. In addition to the requested percentages being significantly greater,...

Ticketmaster crashes during Taylor Swift’s pre-sale (includes video story)

Throughout the country, Taylor Swift’s fans experienced a sense of disappointment and desperation after attempting to get tickets for her upcoming tour....

Pediatric hospitals fill up as flu season approaches (includes video story)

Data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show that pediatric hospital beds are fuller now than in the past...

Flight ticket prices increase ahead of Thanksgiving (includes video story)

Ahead of the holidays, flight tickets will be the most expensive they've been in the last five years.  Flying...

Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida (includes video story)

The southwestern coast of Florida has been hammered by Hurricane Ian, which is bringing catastrophic storm surges, torrential rain, and strong winds....

Moviegoers anticipate “Avatar” sequel (includes video story)

James Cameron’s "Avatar" will be back in theaters this weekend for a limited time. The release of the sci-fi sequel "Avatar: The...

South Floridians pay respects to the late Queen Elizabeth (includes video story)

The British Consulate General in Miami opened its doors to the public on Monday to allow South Floridians to pay tribute to...

COVID-19 press briefing discusses annual booster shots (includes video story)

COVID-19 boosters will likely be administered annually starting this fall. The CDC is recommending a new booster that is a combination of...

Internet scams targeting students for loan debt forgiveness expected to increase (includes video story)

The Better Business Bureau is expecting an increase in calls and reports after President Joe Biden's recent announcement of a student loan...

Miami-Dade Commissioner Joe Martinez charged with two felonies (includes video story)

A Miami-Dade County commissioner turned himself in Tuesday morning and now faces two felony criminal charges.  Commissioner Joe Martinez...