A woman in Miami starts a social media trend called ‘Hot Girl Walk’

A TikTok trend brings South Florida community together. Hot Girl Walk, an event that takes place every Saturday, makes it easier to meet people in Miami while getting your daily amount of exercise.

“I honestly wanted to make friends, and I found it really hard to do that.” Gabriela Ayala, the founder of Hot Girl Walk in Miami said. “So I knew I loved to go on walks and grab juice or coffee and I thought what better way to meet girls by doing what I already love.”

The walks are becoming more and more popular with more than 60 girls showing in Brickell on Saturday for the 10th Hot Girl Walk. Organizers Lucelia Nelles, Monica Villegas and Lucia Di Tore say they have plans of expanding the walk to even include areas outside South Florida.

Layan Abu Tarboush is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in international relations. She is an international student from Jordan interested in reporting on middle eastern politics and affairs. She also likes singing, writing and watching movies.