Valentine’s Day: Engagement, marriage and a baby during the pandemic (includes video story)

This Valentine’s Day in South Florida will still be full of love despite the raging pandemic. Couples are still celebrating the many milestones of love like getting engaged, marrying and having a child.

Engaged couple Carla Smith and Cameron Ollivierre are planning their wedding for March 13, 2021. While it has been stressful, Smith says it has been a blessing in disguise.

“It has really made Cameron and I as a couple talk about what’s important in getting married without the superficialness a wedding can turn into,” said Smith.

Newlyweds Natalie Santana and Shayan Shams wed on November 21, 2020. There were no problems because they carefully planned and took safety precautions.

“We made a flyer and everything that explained how and where you can go to get tested. We were very lucky we had no resistance, the guests were good about it, and nobody got COVID,” said Santana.

New parents, Michelle and Jack Reamer had their son, Ira, in April 2020 at their home in Miami Beach. The arrival of a child can be nerve-wracking, but the couple took many steps to ensure everything went smoothly.

“As the regulations changed we had to change our plans,” said Michelle.

Added Jack: “We had to make sure our midwife had lockdown clearance in case the birth happened after the curfew which is what ended up happening.”

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