News Miami Bureau The Wharf presents global food and wine event

The Wharf presents global food and wine event

Customers buying drinks at the Tour Around the World event at the Wharf. Photo by Ana Valencia.

The Wharf attracted both locals and tourists for the Tour Around the World food and wine event on Sunday.

The event consisted of live entertainment, global food, and drinks. Upon entering, guests received a passport with a map. The goal was to acquire stamps from every country by trying a drink or food from each.

Participants could sample different food and drinks from tacos to piña coladas in a pineapple.

The Wharf, which opened on North River Drive in November 2017, has generated enough attention from locals that it is now attracting many visitors, too, according to Lazara Garcia of the Wharf staff.

Garcia, who has been working at the Wharf for about a year and a half, says there are definitely more diverse crowds now than when she started working.

“At first there were more Miamians and now, thanks to the marketing team the Wharf has partnered with, I have met people from all around the world,” she said.

William Harrington, a tourist from New York, was recommended to the Wharf by his hotel’s concierge.

“I had to check it out; It was so interesting finding one spot where you can try different foods at once,” said Harrington.

Locals like Andre Campos came specifically for events like this.

He said he has been to the Wharf before but chooses these kinds culturally diverse events because he knows he will be seeing a very different crowd.

“I really enjoy the culture clash, and how many different kinds of people came to the event,” he said.