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Alums on the Go

Saving Manatees from Red Tide is a story about the efforts to rescue manatees from the toxic algae. Written by Natasha Rodriguez.

Restoring Florida’s Paradise — Can mangrove trees save South Florida’s shoreline against rising waters and invasive plant species? Produced by Adrian Nones-Newman and Marlene Fisher.

Alums on the Go is a column about graduating FIU J+M students and their dreams. Our inaugural column, The Reluctant Journalist, was written by Maria Gil 2018 who seeks adventure in Sydney, Australia.



Capstone students were challenged to unplug, take a walk and report on “experiencing the experience.” It proved to be harder than [...]

Saving Manatees from Red Tide

By Natasha Rodriguez The normal clear waters of Florida’s Gulf coast have now become a muddy brown-red color and manatee deaths [...]

Restoring Florida’s Paradise

By Adrian Nones-Newman and Marlene Fisher Mangroves serve as a buffer between the ocean and land by preventing storm surge, land [...]

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Protestors amassed in front of the Supreme Court and the Senate Building
to show their discontent with the Senate’s vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh 50-48.