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Student reporters at the New York Bureau will focus their work on the ever-changing, sprawling megalopolis that is New York City. Like their Washington, D.C., colleagues they will learn how journalists cover what is a constantly moving target, how to develop sources and how to find stories. Their stories will cover both political topics and contemporary issues.


Student Journalists:

Gerard Albert III is a senior journalism major who enjoys balancing the discipline and conviction of journalism with finding creative ways to search for the truth and reporting it.  His passion for journalism was inspired by news documentaries and the works of Hunter S. Thompson and Bob Woodward, as well as photos published in Time Magazine and National Geographic.  A staunch believer that multimedia reporting is essential in the 21st century, Gerard carries his camera everywhere, ready to document everything from social protests to sports and entertainment.  Gerard served as assistant news director for FIU’s student magazine, PantherNow, and, covering breaking news and student government, and interned at CBS News Miami covering sports and local elections.

Henry Marcell Tamayo was born in Havana, Cuba, and raised in Miami, FL. He was first introduced to the field of broadcasting in middle school where he participated in producing the school news. During  high school he spent his time involved in T.V. production. Born into a family of Cuban immigrants, Henry is the first in his family to continue onto college. Henry achieved an A.A. at Miami-Dade College in journalism, transferring to F.I.U. to complete his Bachelor’s degree in broadcast-media. He finished his Bachelor’s Fall 2018. During his time at F.I.U.,  he completed various video-production projects for his collection reel and portfolio. Currently Henry is continuing his career in broadcasting, looking for opportunities to further expand his talents.

Alexander Figueras is an aspiring broadcast multimedia producer from Miami, FL. Looking to pursue a career in broadcast production, Alex has always had a desire to tell stories and find creative new ways to tell them. Whether it be video production for news stories or writing and producing his own audio/video podcasts, different media platforms have always been a target of Alex’s storytelling desires. A bit of a perfectionist, Alex doesn’t hesitate to get the footage and audio he needs, no matter how many takes it requires. He hopes to one day fulfill his dreams of founding his own successful production company for news, entertainment, and stories that matter.



Faculty Advisor:

Neil Reisner, M.S., associate professor, was a daily newspaper reporter/editor for 25 years, working at the Miami Herald and the Record in Bergen County, NJ, among others. He joined SCJ’s full-time faculty in 2005, after previously serving as an adjunct professor at FIU, Columbia University and Rutgers. As training director for Investigative Reporters & Editors in 1996, Reisner led one-day to one-week seminars for professional journalists in 25 states and Canada. In 2010, Reisner started the Liberty City Link as a pilot project in his Print News Reporting class through which students learned real-world street reporting by covering Liberty City, among Miami’s most downtrodden and reputedly most violent neighborhoods. The project quickly morphed into a partnership with the South Florida Times, a weekly paper serving South Florida’s black communities, which dedicates a full-page each week to stories students write for what they now call “The Link.” Students quickly learn that Liberty City residents are much like they are, trying to make their ways in the world and provide better lives for their children, and the stories they write reflect that reality. The project demonstrates how journalism can empower residents while equipping students with the skills needed to accurately cover a diverse community.

Reisner has contributed to The New York Times, the New York Post, American Journalism Review, Columbia Journalism Review and Nieman Watchdog, among other publications and frequently speaks at journalism conferences nationwide on ways journalists can best use public records and the Internet. Born in Los Angeles, Reisner has a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from UCLA and a master’s from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Before moving to Florida, he lived in New York, New Jersey and Israel. Reisner serves on Investigative Reporters & Editors’ membership committee, the Society of Professional Journalists Legal Defense Fund Auction Committee.