Smashing pumpkins for the environment (video story included)

Last Sunday in New York City, families smashed pumpkins to make compost for city parks and green spaces.

“These pumpkins, if they aren’t composted, can end up in the landfill,” said Lia Lucero, outreach coordinator for the NYC Compost Project. “We’re helping divert waste by hosting a really fun, family-friendly event called pumpkin smash.”

Added Ben Ireland, operations coordinator for the NYC Department of Sanitation: “Throwing food waste away and sending it to landfills is definitely a problem throughout the United States.” Ireland said that in New York 34 percent of the waste that’s sent to landfills is organic material that could be composted.

New Yorkers who missed this event can head to Cortelyou Greenmarket this Sunday in Brooklyn. In Fort Lauderdale, the South Florida Wildlife Center (200 SW 4th Ave., 954 524-4302) is also accepting uncarved pumpkins for help in rehabilitating raccoon patients. Contact the Wildlife Center for more information on how to donate.


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