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Saving Manatees from Red Tide

By Natasha Rodriguez The normal clear waters of Florida’s Gulf coast have now become a muddy brown-red color and manatee deaths have taken a heavy toll because of it. As of October, last year, the [...]

Restoring Florida’s Paradise

By Adrian Nones-Newman and Marlene Fisher Mangroves serve as a buffer between the ocean and land by preventing storm surge, land erosion and providing a critical habitat for marine life. The outcome of hundreds of [...]

  • Photo by Surfrider Foundation

Eco groups turn students into climate change activists

By Danielle Hernandez and Kayla Pla Rising sea levels, dangers to ocean reefs, plastic pollution, oil drilling and coastal erosion are the most pressing issues for South Floridians. National Aeronautics and Space Administration studies project that [...]

South Florida’s Rising Seas: Response

“South Florida’s Rising Seas: Response” is a 10-part web series that explores what South Florida citizens, local government officials, and business leaders are doing to adjust to the rising seas caused by climate change. [...]

Where Did the Sand Go?

Can the SAND Act Save Florida Beaches? Produced by Vivian Acosta, Janiah Adams, Michelle Marchante