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Trump, at FIU, warns against blocking Venezuela aid

By Mariandrea Vergel Prieto, Carla Palmer and Edda Leon As tons of humanitarian aid approaches Venezuelan borders, President Donald Trump came to Florida International University on Monday and warned loyalists to President Nicolas Maduro, whose [...]

How will the Trump visit affect FIU’s image?

By Bianca Marcof and Humberto Mendez President Donald Trump is visiting Florida International University on Monday to deliver a speech on the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, bringing international attention to the university. The president plans [...]

Venezuela’s economic decline: A primer

By Edda León and Mariandrea Vergel Prieto Venezuela, the country with the biggest oil reserves in the world, is now undergoing an economic crisis, with its main oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A., on the [...]

Stonybrook: A Fight for Justice and Affordable Housing

Stonybrook: A Fight for Justice and Affordable Housing, produced by Vivian Acosta and Lizandra Portal, is a mini-documentary about low-income tenants fighting for acceptable living conditions at the Stonybrook Apartments in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Remembering Matthew Shepard

By Gabriel Poblete Yesterday, I went to the National Cathedral for the service for Matthew Shepard. I walked into the National Cathedral and found a seat on the left shoulder, having arrived too late for [...]

Special from SFMN Washington Bureau

By Gabriel Poblete | SFMN Washington Protestors amassed Saturday in front of the Supreme Court and the Senate Building to show their discontent with the Senate's vote to confirm [...]

Tiki’s Great Escape

Wily toucan sends caretaker on wild goose chase By: Vanessa Adrian and Amarilys Beltran On June 9th, Tiki, a soft keel-billed toucan, escaped Flamingo Gardens in Davie, Florida. Michael Ruggieri, Director of Animal Care, said [...]