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Florida Keys Respond to Sea Level Rise produced by Ashley Canario, Abigail Tuano, Lizandra Portal is part of a soon to be released web series: “South Florida’s Rising Seas: Response.”

The Urban Boulevard Miami is an ongoing project that explores the cultural, racial and economic complexities of this uniquely diverse urban corridor.  Stonybrook: A Fight for Justice and Affordable Housing, produced by Vivian Acosta and Lizandra Portal, is a mini-documentary about low-income tenants fighting for acceptable living conditions at the Stonybrook Apartments in Palm Beach County, Florida.


Rising Seas

When the king tides arrive in the spring and fall, South Florida is forced to acknowledge that the seas are rising. [...]

Where Did the Sand Go?

Can the SAND Act Save Florida Beaches? Produced by Vivian Acosta, Janiah Adams, Michelle Marchante  

Photo Ops

Protestors amassed in front of the Supreme Court and the Senate Building
to show their discontent with the Senate’s vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh 50-48.