SFMN Washington Bureau, Interview with Cathleen Farrell of the National Immigration Forum

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SFMN Washington Bureau reporters Leo Cosio and Gabriel Poblete on Wednesday sat down with National Immigration Forum Communications Director Cathleen Farrell to discuss a wide range of issues, from the difference between journalism and advocacy, [...]

  • Two young girls watching watching the speaker (Photo by Sherrilyn Cabrera)

Puerto Rican Presence in Florida is Growing — so is the importance of their vote

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By Alejandra Chamorro and Sherrilyn Cabrera Last year after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico’s electrical grid and left thousands without homes, Puerto Ricans and politicians from Florida were determined to encourage the 18,103 evacuees from the [...]

Tiki’s Great Escape

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Wily toucan sends caretaker on wild goose chase By: Vanessa Adrian and Amarilys Beltran On June 9th, Tiki, a soft keel-billed toucan, escaped Flamingo Gardens in Davie, Florida. Michael Ruggieri, Director of Animal Care, said [...]

Rising Seas

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When the king tides arrive in the spring and fall, South Florida is forced to acknowledge that the seas are rising. The question is, “What can be done?” Produced by Linda Flores