CyberSecurity: Stay safe, don’t go broke (PSA)

The Public Service Announcement features an animated spokesperson describing the tricky yet relatable case of Bill.

He is a family man with some questionable cybersecurity habits. As his various shortcomings are described, illustrated representations are shown on screen. The animation closes with a potential worst-case scenario of someone with questionable media habits. He opens his computer and finds his funds dwindling to zero.

“Bill is a family man. He invests his money wisely and provides a good life for his children,” the narrator says.

Mateo is a Digital Communications major with a focus on Television Production. He wishes to channel the skills he learns as a student at FIU into a career in production and Voice-Over.

Diego is currently working on his English major on the Creative Writing track as well as his Broadcast Media major. He plans to use the skills he learns in both majors to pursue a career in screenwriting as well as publish his own book series.