Saving Manatees from Red Tide


By Natasha Rodriguez The normal clear waters of Florida’s Gulf coast have now become a muddy brown-red color and manatee deaths have taken a heavy toll because of it. As of October, last year, the red tide, or harmful algae bloom, has had a higher-than-ever concentration and is still being tested for in Florida. [...]

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Restoring Florida’s Paradise


By Adrian Nones-Newman and Marlene Fisher Mangroves serve as a buffer between the ocean and land by preventing storm surge, land erosion and providing a critical habitat for marine life. The outcome of hundreds of acres of mangroves being uprooted over the years to accommodate humans has slowly begun to manifest itself. Just last year, [...]

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Gentrification of Little Haiti


Influx of developers threaten small businesses and Haitian culture Produced for Biscayne Bay News by Jamie Adelson and Jasmin Hurtudo

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