Silent Memories


By Alejandra Chamorro It was 80 degrees outside, the sky was clear and I was mentally preparing myself to walk 20 minutes under the blazing sun. The typical college student would usually drive to Walgreens, but I do not have that luxury. Unlike them, my form of transportation is either Uber or my own two legs. [...]

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Experiencing the Experience


By Natasha Rodriguez Technology has become a huge part of our lives. Especially now, we have our cell phones right in the palm of our hands. We spend hours of our day looking at a screen often times forgetting what is around us.  We have lost what it feels like to get away from social [...]

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South Florida’s Rising Seas: Response


“South Florida’s Rising Seas: Response” is a 10-part web series that explores what South Florida citizens, local government officials, and business leaders are doing to adjust to the rising seas caused by climate change. We are not alone in this slow-moving crisis. Just as we are presenting this series in December 2018, the federal [...]

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Stonybrook: A Fight for Justice and Affordable Housing


Stonybrook: A Fight for Justice and Affordable Housing, produced by Vivian Acosta and Lizandra Portal, is a mini-documentary about low-income tenants fighting for acceptable living conditions at the Stonybrook Apartments in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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La familia es para siempre


El 14 de febrero de este año, día del amor y la amistad, 17 personas perdieron la vida durante la masacre en la escuela secundaria Marjory Stoneman Douglas, en Parkland Florida. Otras 17 resultaron heridas. Daniela Tablante, estudiante de la Maestría de Periodismo en Español, estuvo en contacto con los estudiantes que sobrevivieron la tragedia. [...]

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Morning, Afternoon and Night of the Iguana


Sharp-toothed, spiky reptiles overrunning South Florida Produced for Biscayne Bay News by Veronica Rushton, Elizabeth Aleman and Prisca Louisdor

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Lincoln Road: Just Another South Florida Mall?


Mom and pop shops fleeing hallowed pedestrian walkway Produced for Biscayne Bay News by Allison Cubillos and Ximena Tellez

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Gentrification of Little Haiti


Influx of developers threaten small businesses and Haitian culture Produced for Biscayne Bay News by Jamie Adelson and Jasmin Hurtudo

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Cómo el uribismo arrazó en Miami en las elecciones colombianas


Los colombianos fuera de Colombia escogieron al Uribismo para que los represente en el congreso de su país. El candidato Juan David Vélez Trujillo inscribió su candidatura en el consulado de Miami por la lista del Centro Democrático, partido político que lidera el senador y ex-presidente de Colombia Álvaro Uribe Vélez. Entre los 26 candidatos inscritos [...]

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