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Where do FIU journalism alums work?

Elias Lopez ‘06
Elias Lopez ‘06International Opinion Editor, Washington Post
“I was treated like a professional and that made all the difference. Many professors had one foot in the classroom and the other in the newsroom. So when a professor said, “I wouldn’t run this,” it really hurt. The best advice that my professors gave me was to go out and commit acts of journalism.”
Jose Pagliery, ‘11
Jose Pagliery, ‘11Investigative Reporter, CNN
“My professors instilled in me the core principles of persistent, effective, bite-and-don’t-let-go journalism and helped me hone the craft. Some of us are born needing to expose wrongdoing, hold people accountable, understand the world. FIU trained me to stay hungry. Ten years on, my hunt continues.”
David Smiley, ‘06
David Smiley, ‘06Reporter, Miami Herald
“The late Don Snead convinced me to take his introduction to journalism course. A few stories for The Beacon turned into a year-long Miami Herald internship. I learned reporting on the fly, as my professors taught me to write, search for public records and fight for government documents. My professors opened a door for me and then they helped me walk through.”
Eyder Peralta, '03 (on the right)
Eyder Peralta, '03 (on the right)International Reporter based in East Africa, NPR
“FIU was fundamental. Its journalism school taught me that non-fiction storytelling could be beautiful and powerful and fun. Since then, I haven’t wanted to do anything else.”
Isadora Rangel, ‘10
Isadora Rangel, ‘10Public Affairs and Engagement Editor, Florida Today
“What I’ve learned in my career is that real newsroom experience is better than any class you can take. I was fortunate that FIU had a partnership with the Miami Herald that helped me land an internship there that lasted almost a year. I graduated in December 2010 and just a month after that I was chosen to participate in the New York Times Student Journalism Institute, which met at FIU that year. That experience exposed me to the best journalism in the world and was an intense two-week workshop on how to be a multimedia reporter. It was also through FIU’s partnership with E.W. Scripps that I got a fellowship at Treasure Coast Newspapers in 2011 that helped me land a job with the company now owned by Gannett. In my six years there I covered features, the city of Port St. Lucie and politics, including two elections and four legislative sessions in Tallahassee. I’m now the public affairs and engagement editor at another Gannett property in Melbourne, FLORIDA TODAY, where I write columns, oversee our editorial board and reader engagement.”
Jeff Kleinman, '86
Jeff Kleinman, '86Day Editor, Miami Herald
“It was the professors, who had a mix of academic and real-world experience. They guided me into my first internships and jobs at the Miami News and Miami Herald. It was the human factor at FIU that still makes a difference in my work.”
Maria Murriel, ‘11
Maria Murriel, ‘11Independent journalist, audio producer and professor
“What I got from FIU were solid journalistic values, a sense of narrative style and fuel for my passion. I also got some amazing colleagues, FIU grads who flooded local and regional media with homegrown talent who still hold down the fort.”
Jessica Meszaros, ‘14
Jessica Meszaros, ‘14Anchor/Reporter, WUSF Public Media
“FIU taught me how to be a multimedia journalist at a crucial time when industry was starting to expect those skills from reporters. The university kept me sharp and made me a valuable asset to my newsroom. I’m forever grateful.”
Allie Raffa, 14
Allie Raffa, 14Multimedia Reporter, Fox News Channel
“The training I received during my time at FIU jump-started my career. My professors and mentors stressed the importance of getting out of the classroom to find stories in the real world. I had the opportunity to document astronauts’ preparations to live in FIU’s Aquarius Reef Base in Key Largo, which simulates living in a hostile environment. I still refer back to lessons I learned when a professor pushed me out of my comfort zone to cover stories in Liberty City, challenging my preconceived notions of a community known mostly for crime. Now, I’m a one-girl band, pitching, shooting, editing, producing, reporting and more.”
Nyamekye Daniel, 17
Nyamekye Daniel, 17Reporter, The Miami Times
“I was able to gain real-life experience of working in a newsroom through the journalism school. My on-campus internship included creating content, writing, editing and reporting on stories in the community. Because of this platform, I was able to get clips from local mainstream newspapers and the top newspaper in the country. The experience also qualified me for an editorial position at a newspaper the day after I graduated.”