News Miami Bureau A spiritual organization offers non-religious beliefs

A spiritual organization offers non-religious beliefs

Awareness Into Action team leaders greet the audience at The Sacred Space Miami on Thursday. Photo by Hashim Al Khaburi.

Former church leaders launched Awareness Into Action, a non-religious organization for spiritual development, during a meet-up Thursday evening at The Sacred Space Miami.

Luzette Rivera-Diez, the executive director, said that after closing the Unity Church of Hollywood, she and her colleagues decided to open an organization focused on self-awareness and personal development.

“It is not about the Sunday service,” Rivera-Diez said. “It is about creating a community out there and make a difference.”

She added that they want to be involved in human rights issues without having religious barriers that prevent them from being activists.

“Apart of religion, there is something big; some of us call it the universe, the source, or the God,” Rivera-Diez said. “I prefer not to call it a religion because I am not religious.”

Stephan Nesvacil, a spiritual coach, said they chose to have a spiritual community instead of a church because young generations prefer it.

“In 2017, 30 Unity churches closed,” Nesvacil said. “The true principle of taking awareness into action is an idea that doesn’t need a church and doesn’t need a religion.”

He also said the organization was born when the members of the Unity Church of Hollywood kept meeting even after closing the facility.

“The Unity of Hollywood came together at the end of 2017 and decided to come up with a new idea,” Nesvacil said. “It is something that we need to do as the community of South Florida.”

Rosa Zerpa-Nesvacil, the assistant executive director, said  the current team is looking to expand its reach.

“All of us came from the Unity of Hollywood,” she said. “Only one is from the Unity of Pompano.”

Rivera-Diez and Zerpa-Nesvacil presented the mission and the objectives of the organization to the audience.

“Spirituality is becoming aware of yourself,” Rivera-Diez said. “You have all the answers inside of you. I don’t believe there is any answer outside, so once you recognize that you are more than just a body and a mind, you recognize that there is something more to explore.”

Zerpa-Nesvacil said the overall idea is to have an inner awareness.

“I am responsible for my thoughts, words and actions, and it brings peace to my life,” Zerpa-Nesvacil said.