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South Florida’s Rising Seas: Response is a 10-part web series that explores what South Florida citizens, local government officials, and business leaders are doing to adjust to the rising seas caused by climate change.

Stonybrook: A Fight for Justice and Affordable Housing is a multimedia project about low-income tenants fighting for acceptable living conditions at the Stonybrook Apartments in Palm Beach County, Florida.



Capstone students were challenged to unplug, take a walk and report on “experiencing the experience.” It proved to be harder than [...]

Saving Manatees from Red Tide

By Natasha Rodriguez The normal clear waters of Florida’s Gulf coast have now become a muddy brown-red color and manatee deaths [...]

Restoring Florida’s Paradise

By Adrian Nones-Newman and Marlene Fisher Mangroves serve as a buffer between the ocean and land by preventing storm surge, land [...]

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Miami from the Air

By: Dominic Anton and Dafne Vera Miami from the Air/The Urban Boulevard Miami

Tiki’s Great Escape

Wily toucan sends caretaker on wild goose chase By: Vanessa Adrian and Amarilys Beltran On June 9th, Tiki, a soft keel-billed [...]

Rising Seas

When the king tides arrive in the spring and fall, South Florida is forced to acknowledge that the seas are rising. [...]

Where Did the Sand Go?

Can the SAND Act Save Florida Beaches? Produced by Vivian Acosta, Janiah Adams, Michelle Marchante  

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Protestors amassed in front of the Supreme Court and the Senate Building
to show their discontent with the Senate’s vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh 50-48. Photos by Gabriel Poblete/SFMN Washington Bureau.