Sunday, August 9, 2020

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Brazilians are divided on following coronavirus guidelines and fear for the future of the...

Brazil currently tops Latin America and is second in the world in terms of confirmed COVID-19 cases, rivaled only by the United States. Even...

Quarantine inspires creative new local businesses, from fish to art to cleanup

The 2019 coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted the economy. Many South Floridians have had to find new ways of supporting themselves. Three Miami locals...

Top 10 Jamaican pattie spots in South Florida

Patties are a staple in Jamaican culture. Nothing beats the hot, baked deliciousness that is often eaten from a paper bag. Patties are yellowish-orange...

In Wasserman-Schultz’s district, vote-by mail becomes an issue as deadline looms (includes video story)

On August 18, Florida’s 23rd Congressional District, which covers Broward County and a portion of Miami-Dade, will have its primary elections. As Broward nears...




South Florida volleyball clubs cope with quarantine, worry about July 14...

Like many small businesses, volleyball clubs make money by serving clients. In their case, this means training athletes who compete in tournaments. Their cash...


South Florida Access: from fashion to helping COVID-19 at-risk population

Welcome back to South Florida Access! Our first-ever at-home episode, hosted by Monica Lebro, takes you through South Florida in the age of the...


Black filmmaker Jeff Legitime powerfully documented Miami’s George Floyd protests

Ever since George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, people have been protesting almost daily across the nation. Millions of all ages, races and ethnic groups...


Some black-owned restaurants survived the pandemic and are thriving

The loss of revenue due to the coronavirus has made it hard for some Miami black-owned restaurants to keep operating. But consumer support, along...

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